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Green Owl







The Green Owl began as a simple craft fair in the back of Wise Skye Gifts store in downtown Aitkin. It wasn’t long before the realization emerged among those few participating artisans that there were many more creative souls within the community whose talents seemingly lay hidden. They either had no outlet, no time or no funds, or maybe all three. This realization gave birth to the From Heart Through Hands Artisan Guild whose mission it is “to involve and recognize ALL existing, emerging and aspiring artisans, that from their hearts and through their hands continue to create as their heart, mind, spirit, body and soul lead them.” This guild and its mission live today in the Green Owl Gallery and Gift Shop.


This is a unique space which has been specifically designed to showcase the works of artists and artisans, and is available at a cost mindfully set low so that no one would be denied the opportunity to promote his or her art for economic reasons. Here, under a single roof, can be found art expressed in literally dozens of different ways, among them everything from beautiful hand-made cards, to jewelry, paintings of every media, textile art, fused glass, pottery, and more. Here can be found all shades of pleasing, a place of fine offerings where art and beauty invite you to linger and be inspired.



Genevieve “Skye” Fiedler hails from the Twin Cities where she majored in music in college. She went on to spend 23 years as a church accountant and business administrator.


Skye became an Aitkin resident in 2016.  It didn’t take long for her to send roots down and establish herself as an integral part of the Aitkin community. On opening her gift store on the main street of Aitkin in 2017, she has since joined the local area Chamber of Commerce Retail Committee, is on the Board of Aitkin County Growth and is Vice Chair of Aitkin County Friends of the Arts. Wise Skye Gifts has been warmly embraced by the city, drawing folks to its unique blend of clothing, accessories, books, as well as all manner of art supplies.


Skye is herself a musician, although opportunities to play the piano are few these days. She also designs and creates hand-made cards, again when her busy schedule permits. That said, she will always have time to visit with you when you stop by the stores.

"Green Owl Gallery’s purpose is to promote artists, especially those who live locally. Having done the Art & Craft show circuit over the years, I know how labor intensive they can be for just a one or two day showing. Customer traffic is dependent on so many variables. I wanted to offer a place where artists can have a low cost, low commission space that is open to the public 5 days a week. An option that allows them the time to create and space to display those creations.


We believe in shopping small, shopping locally and promoting business in the area. Aitkin is home to several great shops as well as restaurants and other services. If you haven’t been to Aitkin lately, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. It has much to offer. Do stop in, browse, enjoy a cuppa and delight in the beautiful handmade items that Green Owl has to offer."

- Skye Fiedler



Green Owl Gallery and Gifts

214 Minnesota Ave N

Aitkin, MN 56431





Monday-Wednesday 10-4

Thursday 10-6

Friday 10-5

Saturday 9-4

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