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Linda Causton

I remember drawing from an early age, but I don’t remember ever aspiring to be an artist. I was very young when I discovered that my ‘drawing and coloring’ was a means to travel to a Mind Place that took my imagination to a far away and magical place… where I dreamed of becoming… A Cowboy! Much has changed over the years. I never became a cowboy, but My husband and I raised and rode horses most of my adult life, and my Mind Place still takes me to far away and magical places.

My formal training in the visual arts has been limited, yet I am NOT a self- taught artist by any means. I can say this because of the many people and things I enjoyed most in my life (and a few of the people and things I haven’t enjoyed much at all), have taught me the craft of visual arts and life! I have been blest to meet some incredible artists and amazing people who encouraged me to believe “I can do that…” People in my life have been supportive and exasperatingly critical in all the best ways possible. They have taught me about art and myself. I’ve come to accept my Mind Place as a Sacred gift and one I don’t take lightly. I believe everyone has a Mind Place. If the opportunity should arise, please come share your Place with me.

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