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Lorraine Johnson

I guess you could say I’m a late bloomer. While I have always had a creative bent, it has really only been the past 20 years (I’m now 72) that I have pursued expressing that creativity in a more serious vein. My wage-earning years were spent mostly as a paralegal in the Twin Cities. Upon moving up to Brainerd in 2003, I assumed a human resource management position until retiring in 2009. Then the fun really began …

I’ve always loved working with florals, particularly dried and preserved ones, and integrating them with other natural materials, such as birch, moss, pine cones, feathers and the like. My homestead, surrounded by nature, has provided me with an array of virtually limitless such materials, to my utter delight.

In addition to the natural, the playful part of me is always on the lookout for those unusual little things which put that unexpected something in an arrangement. A little surprise to make you smile.

My art, naturally, is an expression of who I am and how I engage life. I hope these expressions, at least in some small measure, please your eye as much as they please my heart to present them to you.

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