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Adele McDonnell

Adele is a Minnesota native, living most of her life in International Falls and Aitkin. In earlier years, she was an R.N., raised a family and operated a resort.

She works mostly with oils but loves to experiment with other media. Several of her art pieces have copper panels as the substrate, and some using tissue and materials from nature to texturize the background. For the past decade she has been exploring all avenues of kiln fired glass, fusing, slumping, pressing, etc. For some of her glass projects, she is making her own molds from clay and is also teaching all of these processes to others. Her fused glass is the stuff that dreams are made of:

“Take, if you must, this little bag of dreams, / Unloose the cord, and they will wrap you ‘round.” (William Butler Yeats)

Locally, her art has been displayed at the Jaques Art Center, Aitkin Public Library, Haberkorn Law Offices, Wise Skye Gifts, Bremer Bank, Mid Minnesota Federal Credit Union, and more.

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