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Patricia Becker

My name is Patricia Becker. I am the originator and designer of Silent Walker.

Approximately twenty-four years ago the first Silent Walker was created using pieces of fur and an old plaid jacket. The first Walker did not carry a stick and had no mustache. Today, each is different and made entirely from fur, wood, leather and clay collected from far away or as close as the nearest thrift shop.

It has been, and continues to be, a joy in creating each and every Silent Walker. Over the 20 plus years, I have met many wonderful people. Some leave their "guys" out most of the year while for others, it is a tradition with grandchildren to bring them out at Christmas and to place them in honored places in their home.

What started as a simple attempt to create a Santa using recycled items has become a year-long joy of creating and sharing a gift that brings smiles to people's faces.

It is my hope that each creation will bring joy, smiles and memories for years to come.

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