Suzy Lindberg

Suzy Lindberg is a jewelry artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. From a young age, she has been making and inventing small things. First for her own store, Susan's Outlet Store, when she was about nine. The store was a big hit with any customers who happened to pass through her parents' basement!

Since then, she's been honing her jewelry-making craft, experimenting with a variety of techniques. Now she works exclusively in bead embroidery, the intricate art of hand stitching beads to a fabric base. This kind of embellishment can be found throughout various cultures for hundreds of years.

She loves this method because it can be used to create unique shapes and textures. The hand-stitched technique is meditative and stands apart in our mass-produced world. Suzy loves vintage materials and is always on the hunt for sparkling sew-ons from 1940's West Germany or colorful French sequins. Combining old pieces and hand crafted techniques with a modern perspective is what led to Profound, her jewelry line displayed here!

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